- 1/9

went for step-up with babe today.
awesome! :D
its so preety nice. love it so much.
feel like goin for another time.

babe, thanks you accompany me too.
iie'd brin much problem to you.
iie apologize.

my SaiLou. thank you too.
sorry for angryin you.
iie dont mean to do that. but iie really cant control my anger.

driver. sorry too.
iie should stand at your side and think twice.
iie dont mind you sayin me selfish without thinkin.
waste lots of your petrol too.
and waste your time.
iie pay back anytime you need :)

babe and another YOU :D
please drive careful! haha.
we need to put on our safety belts incase anythin happen.



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