- 7/9 ♥

went to watch Piranha today.

really scary. swear not to watch show under 18 again.
ie hate piranha. makes me scream.

first. we went to old wing and buy.
the girl ask him for his ic.
he say dont want LOL.
for sure the girl rejected him.
he so no0b ><` haha. then ie say go to new wing and buy. the girl wanna see his ic too. then he say ie forget to bring. FINALLY we can enter.

to EU ♥

yes. ie've told you that ie dont wanna watch.
but my friend ask me to peii her.
ie knw i'm not feelin well now. but ie went out.
i'm sorry that ie didn't listen to you.

but her mum told her if its until 6. then dont see.
ie met him there and only ie follow them.
that's all.

ie didn't mean to lie you or what.
hope you believe.
your choice.

pig. thank you again waa -/-
drive safety :D
you still owe me things. haha

- END ♥
missin EU

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