- redbox ♥

redbox, ie LOVE euu so much!! :)

went to redbox with my dear babe daughter ♥

wake up morning and went to school to return teks book.
the way ie wear .. the guard dont let me in :P

but ie just sneak in. hahas'
let Pn.Jespal saw. she ngam me awhile jorh.
ask me go out --'

after that. took 508 there.
we go up at 10am. the man say 1130am start.

okay lurh. we went to seven evelen.
then we saw the digi stall got Digi prepaid easy.
no stock ady.

then go ioi ady.
luckily still hav stock :D



redbox at 12pm ♥
home at 6pm ♥

- hav a sweeet sweeet day with Babee ♥


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