- IOI ♥

yesterday stayed overnight some where else.
then midnight go yam cha. seii lohrr. fat ady --"

went home morning. home sweet home :D
then 11am ioi again :))

high heels, nail polish, cutex, bag and stuffs. ♥
ie hav it all. hahahas "

my nails. hahas x)

hate ppl say my nails long d lohrr --"

when acc-inq my cousin see shoe.
the waiter asked : kuku you benarkah?

ie was like WTF --" of course its real. ishh`

0320pm went to find my babe in redbox.

hahas. ppl there totally out of control. x)
the way they sing. waaliaww. eardrum will burst. PRO :D

ie just went in 20minutes +.
then the waiter ask everyone to take out their IC's/ student card.

ie didnt think that will go to redbox. so just empty handed.
they say charge 18 per person.
and my cousin following me that time. 18+18=36 ? expensive ad.

somemore he say add peanut rm9. denqq. total 45.
after that. ie gave him 50. ie say ie go out siin.

he answered. pay already then go out? ie say yeahh.
and then he said then nvm lahrr.

shyiok douu. han fan rm50 zzz.
swear ii'll bring my ic everywhere ie go! LOLs.

dont wanna hav the same incident again.

all for today.

OFF to somewhere :)


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