random post ; random picture. ♥♥

owner bck. :DD

miss eu. teehee. ~~~

look at this cigarettes. nice and cutee right? hahas.

Marlboro Hello Kitty. ♥♥♥

imma wonderin. how good it is if ie could hav smoke when im not in mood. =

saw many girls smoke. oops.

hmphh. maybe its not healthy to smokee. BUT ___________

for me. smoking and 自殘 no differencee.

sometimes. feel better if hav both of them or either onee.

randomyy post. ~~~~~

black for thumb, dark blue for index finger, pink for middle finger, sky blue for ring finger and white for little finger. imma in love with my colourful worldd. :DDD

ie hav nothin to post.

pack things and stuffs. ready to gentinqq. ♥

see eu guys when imma back. :DD

Myworld : Mylifee. ______________________ ♥♥







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