- 12/9


super bored at home. keep thinking of goin out only.
my studies? ie dont even touch a book :)

OMG. ie miss my phone damn much.
such a long time ie didn't get to see her.
my beloved w595 ♥

ytd stayed overnight at my aunty's house.
ie left my charger there.
and my phone was runnin out of battery.

havin dinner with my uncle at night. ask him to pass me the charger.

ie ♥ NOKIA, ie ♥ SONY. :D

O.o my dear win his basketball match.
he so happy LOL ~
gonna break my promise soon. haha

ytd sleep around 4.
after phone-inq with him.
ie sms my dar.
he sleep jor.

he fall asleep without telling me ><`

ie MISS school Lifes.

- ie MISS you ♥

- END ♥

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