- cinema VS. game ♥

hmph. long time didnt go to cinema jorh.
miss cinema gerh feel ! :D

wanna watch the child's eye.
trailer seems to be abit scary OMG.

somemore see 3D. night will be in dreamland and couldn't wake up.

cinema cinema cinema. i'll be back :)

To my dear-est marmie and daddie`

after pmr jorh. ie need freedom --
im no longer a three year old kid anymore.

ie ask why cant ie go out. you say when eu become parents eu will knw.
but just curious. why other ppl's parents allow them?

eu told me. then eu go and find them to be your parents.

hmph. fine bahh.
ie speechless too.

just hope you all gerh mind can change abit. OMGee`

borin day. as usual wake up at 7.
form4 exam-inq

just to say.

goodLuck to all form4 examiners.

iiie ♥ CABI SONG ! :)

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