out with my beloved gang. ♥

went to school today. to take form4 books.

we purposely late for school. food court for the day. :)
met up with them around 7:15 a.m. ; everybody reached but babe haven't.
so we went to her house. her mum say she haven't wake. her mum wake her up.

her face. damn cute. just wake. hahahs. love die you larh babe x)

reached school 8.00 a.m. ♥

after taking our books. pontenq again. xD
went out throught main gate and guards guardinq --"
foodcourt again. then straight to IOI :D

we 11:30 a.m. sweet arrival =P
IOI again. zzz. saw many friends there.
grace ! my best friend. arr. ie miss you so much. so surprise to met you there.

to you gurl ; 原來 你還是 死性不改的狐狸精。第三者? 你不配 !

to you boy ; 為什麼你要那麼自私 難道你就不能為她著想麼? 你更不配。fcuk off

沒有推不開的要求 只有 散瘀答應的要求。你 ; 比誰都攔

babee arr. paktor paktor larr. nothin to be so secret gerh larhh x). 你們的一舉一動 出賣了你們 :P

look at this DOMO. super big right? x)

ie want. hahahahahs "

buy next time ! :)

12:30 p.m. ler lorr. then go to shi lin met up with chloe babee. she want dye hair. hehes
bought that thing from dont knw wad hair care. forgotten the name.

02:00 p.m. left at ioi. we stop at puteri7. then ie walk back with babee. ♥
they went back super early. cause everyone goin to mba. hmphh ~~~~

zixian arrrrr. my teks book at your house ! zzz --"

saw dashner and tneash* dont knw how to spell his name. his indian but knw how to speak in chinese :D

dashner block me. tneash block jiayinq. dont let us go --!
then we just walk lurr. tneash follow behind me. then he walk infront me.
playing with flour. we put the flour on my hair. wth zzz.
kena my phone. LOLs.

tneash pulled jiayinq's bag dont let her go homee. hahhaas.
and he did say something. he said if you ... forgotte wads that* then ie kiss you arr.
she scare dou run behind me. laugh die me. super funny. hahas.

we're in a hurry. so we just go. they went to foodcourt --"

homesweethome. then tuition again. half awake half sleeping during tuition. OMgeeee
freaking tired. that's all for today x)

ieloveyou Blogger. ieloveyou xx. iemissyou xx. only you xx.

沒有了你 ; 大不了不再想你 大不了不再愛你 大不了騙自己。♥

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