OMqee ! my blog went rusty soon. LOL ;
lonq time no touch ; just wonderin what can ii update with it.

just do a simple last updatee ; hehee x333.
next year form4 lerr luhr ; hope ii really can study hard ;
but every year imma keep sayin ii wanna study stuDY STUDY !
but ended up with FAILED -.-
so ; say ALL THE BEST to myself. :DD

my PMR results really sucks. ii never intend to get such a sucks results.
btw ; ii didn't expect much also ; cause ii didnt even study.
whatever ; pmr's over ; no point mention it aqain.

ii get 1A 2B 4C LOL ;

hey YA ; saw the picture above? ii cut my hair -.-
ii look so daugeii and childish ; hahas.
no comment ; heehe. <33

school gonna start aqain ; hmphh.
haven't decide what course should ii take ;

alright ; end my post like that. LOVE yah!

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