HELLO ! time for blogginq. :))
tomorrow gonna be wad date? well ; ii dont knw.

but heard many ppl askin 31th go where count down go where count down? LOL ;
some ppl may even ask me this too.
ii think ii'm not goinq to anywhere.
stay at home and just listeninq to fireworks. and its quite fun seriously ._.

many ppl goinq to Sunway if imma not mistaken?

ii wish ii can hav goinq out for count down too.
but with this sucks results ii think imma not goinq to anywhere.
hmphh ;

see this! 242 unread messaqes.its really makin my phone go burst. LOL
and now it increase to 250.
wanna quess wads that? acctually its my facebook notification. -.-

well ; someone say that ii still cant put down him?
really weird question. what should ii answer?
NO? ii totally put down?
ii dont knw.
the way ii chat with him?

i'll explain now.
ii quess ii really 100% put down.
the way ii talk with him. it just seem to be best friend.
he's a funny person that likes to joke and kind of stuffs.
thats why ii love him as a friend. :DD

see this. :PP
hello kitty ; nice uhh? ii love IT ! XDDD
my current new Facebook. :P

okay ; end today's POST ! :))

happy 2011. :PP

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